Day: July 30, 2012

Podcast No. 2: Phil Arena on Formal Models, Civil Wars, and the Democratic Peace

The second episode of the Duck of Minerva Podcast just went live.

A reminder: I am running the podcast feed on a separate blog. You can subscribe to our podcasts either via that blog’s Feedburner feed or its original atom feed (to do so within iTunes, go to “Advanced” and then choose “Subscribe to Podcast” and paste the feed URL). Individual episodes may be downloaded from the Podcasts tab.

UPDATE: no, the interview is not over an hour long. Most of that is dead space. Fixing now. Note that NBN handles the technical details on the SF podcast, so don’t expect this kind of amateur-hour theatrics on that side of things.

UPDATE 2: should be ok now. If you subscribe through iTunes, you may need to delete the feed and resubscribe.


Noontime Linkage

  • The battle for Aleppo continues
  • Barbara Walter doesn’t think much of Syria’s “chemical weapons bluff.”
  • David Axe explains how German Typhoons took on US F-22s.
  • BJ Keefe calls attention to an hour-long talk by Richard Rhodes, nuclear-weapons historian extraordinaire. 
  •  Patrick Nielsen Hayden calls this piece on Machiavelli and Florence “one of the best pieces of historical writing I have read on a blog.” It is awfully good, but there’s something inherently wrong with mentioning The Prince without any acknowledgment of the existence of The Discourses. As, um, we do in virtually every “Intro to International Relations” class. It distorts the intellectual status of the former as something other than a special case of the general propositions found in the latter. 
  • “Kirk your Enthusiasm” launches at HiLoBrow. 

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