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In this episode, Dr. Toni Haastrup of the University of Stirling joins the Hayseed Scholar...






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Episode 18: Name Your Discord Server “and Collaboration”

Arnold Wolfers is one of the most important figures of “mainstream” mid-20th century internationa…


6+1 Questions about AMERICAN DOVE

American Dove makes pragmatic case for a dovish foreign policy. The use of force is a terrible foreign-policy instrument: it’s expensive and hardly ever works.

Light Summer Reading

Ah, those days when you did not feel guilty for reading something that does not contain the term “poststructuralism” and/or footnotes. Back in my teenage years, I used to devour all the books I could get during the summer. I had some favorites: Alexandre Duma’s The Count of Monte-Christo (1844-1846) and The Valley of the Moon (1913) by Jack...

Is it time to abandon in-person academic conferences? or “Who’s kind of meh on going to APSA?”

I get the sense that lots of scholars are viewing the return (sooner or later) of in-person conference with a good deal of ambivalence. Is it time to take all conference online?



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The key to success

Brad DeLong reveals the secret to success in your career:B People Hire C People, A People Hire A People, A+ People Boast that They Have A+++ People Working for Them...Wise words. Heed them.

Friday Morning Linkage

Driving in Russia: And also: Justin Gengler on... well... just go read. In a move sure (not) to keep NATO defense planners up at night, China and Belarus hold a joint exercise. Long-term US unemployment as a loss of weak ties? National Geographic reports on the wave of politically-motivated self-immolations in Tibet (via 3QD). Arms Control Wonk...