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In this episode, Dr. Toni Haastrup of the University of Stirling joins the Hayseed Scholar...






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Episode 18: Name Your Discord Server “and Collaboration”

Arnold Wolfers is one of the most important figures of “mainstream” mid-20th century internationa…


6+1 Questions about AMERICAN DOVE

American Dove makes pragmatic case for a dovish foreign policy. The use of force is a terrible foreign-policy instrument: it’s expensive and hardly ever works.

Light Summer Reading

Ah, those days when you did not feel guilty for reading something that does not contain the term “poststructuralism” and/or footnotes. Back in my teenage years, I used to devour all the books I could get during the summer. I had some favorites: Alexandre Duma’s The Count of Monte-Christo (1844-1846) and The Valley of the Moon (1913) by Jack...

Is it time to abandon in-person academic conferences? or “Who’s kind of meh on going to APSA?”

I get the sense that lots of scholars are viewing the return (sooner or later) of in-person conference with a good deal of ambivalence. Is it time to take all conference online?



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Friday Morning Linkage

It's the Ides of March.  Be careful out there.  Here's a random selection of this week's reads: How Fear made America.  Scott Lemieux reviews Ira Katznelson's new book Fear Itself:  The New Deal and the Origins of Our Time. Anatol Levien questions the  "endgame" in Afghanistan. Ken Roth asks what rules should govern drone attacks. Charles Hunt on...

Thursday Morning Linkage

It's morning somewhere right? With military action possibly pending in Syria amidst a horrible ongoing civil war, I needed a more hopeful photo to accompany this post of news links (hence the duck and the kitten). But, the news out there is pretty grim so here are some links on Syria, the links between drought and the war in Syria, climate change...