The Duck of Minerva

The moonbat in moi?

30 December 2006

Are you desperate for some Duck of Minerva action?

Well, I’ve been engaged in an exchange with someone named “Red Stater” (or perhaps “Red’s Tater”) on his/her blog. It’s mostly been in the comments thread…and I wouldn’t say anything except that he’s practically convinced that I’m Ward Churchill’s evil twin, capable only of partisan spin and student indoctrination.

If you are truly in need of something to read, see the comment threads attached to several of his recent posts.

I’m mentioned in the text of all those posts — he’s even included my photo and called me a moonbat.

Unfortunately, I can’t promise anything about the quality of his debating skills.

Just what you needed for the tail end of the holidays: light fare; it’s lower in fat.

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