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Terrorism and your neighbor’s sex life

September 15, 2007

The September Atlantic had a brief note in its Primary Sources section about how “Terrorists are turning more and more to crime to fund violence.” The piece references a Congressional Research Service report that apparently included “bootlegging Viagra” as one source of income.

I guess they’ve moved on from infant formula.

In any case, I did a bit of searching around and found this MSNBC/Newsweek piece from August 2006, which describes an alleged criminal ring in Detroit that was funneling funds to Hizbullah in 2002:

By 2002, Hammoud and some of his colleagues were believed to be running $500,000 worth of cigarettes a week across state lines and expanding into stolen contraband and counterfeit goods, including Viagra tablets. During a three-month period that year, authorities allege, more than 90,000 Viagra knockoffs were purchased, with a plan to sell them as the real thing. “They’re small, they’re high in demand and they’re easily transportable,” says Bob Clifford, a senior FBI agent. “They’re the perfect medium.”

I guess that does sound easier to market than stolen baby food.

It’s not good news for the average American suburbanite.

First using drugs and then driving SUVs promoted terror? Now sex?

Looks like all that’s left is rock and roll…wait.

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