The University of Pittsburgh’s Ridgway Center is hosting “Securing Our Survival,” a conference starting tomorrow that focuses on nuclear proliferation — and global climate change. You can watch the events on-line and ask questions of the speakers. The program begins Friday morning at 9 am ET and continues through the day and into Saturday.

Joseph Cirincione
talks at 9:30 am, Bill Hartung at 10:30, and Jon Wolfsthal at 1 pm.

If you wonder why the hosts are combining global warming and proliferation, consider that nuclear power is presented as an alternative to fossil fuels — but comes with the risk of nuclear weapons proliferation.

For some pre-conference press, listen here, watch this (continued here and here), or read this.

Note that Ridgway also started a new blog — Security Sweep. My friend Gordon Mitchell has a few new posts there now. He’s going to be live-blogging the conference and would be the one to contact with real-time questions.

Note: Please do not simply ask Gordon why he spent $73 (of a $260 budget; that’s nearly 30%) on Andy Marte, Ryan Shealy, J.D. Drew, Milton Bradley and Jeremy Sowers in our AL fantasy baseball auction earlier this year.

After all, those players helped produce a solid 9th place team.