The Duck of Minerva

Guest Stint at Complex Terrain Lab

9 August 2008

This semester, I will be ocassionally cross-posting / guest blogging on laws of war-related topics at Complex Terrain Lab, and wanted to encourage readers of The Duck to take a good hard look at these folks.

From the mission statement:

“The Complex Terrain Laboratory (CTLab) is an independent, interdisciplinary project focused on problems of international relations, international law, and political violence. Founded in the School of Public Policy at University College London, CTLab concerns itself with the conceptual and social science dimensions of legal and policy challenges in current affairs. Drawing on university-wide strengths in spatial research and analysis, it is especially concerned with the politics of place and space, and with variable geometries of conflict and militancy.”

Its approach is multidisciplinary – built around the notion that “terrain” is a security metaphor for complex physical, human, and virtual environments.

Check it out.

My IR theory / human rights / advocacy networks / methodology / geek potty humor posts will remain exclusively here, naturally.