Complex Terrain Lab is hosting a series of blog posts on the Salim Hamdan trial by Professor Bryan Glyn Williams this week. Williams acted as an expert witness for the defence of Bin Laden’s driver, and has chronicled his insights about the US military commissions process:

In this five-part series, running each day this week, Brian Williams describes how he became involved in Hamdan’s legal defence. This was a journey of discovery and revelation for Williams, and one in which he came to understand America’s critical responsibility for upholding the values for which the ‘War on Terror’ purports to be fought. Crucially, this case underscores the important role that social science serves in establishing truth and justice in war. All images courtesy of Brian Williams.

The first and second posts in the series are online; more to come. Blog reactions by myself and others will be posted at CTLab in due course. Check it out.