I swore I’d never catch the whole “Friday cat blogging” meme, and this won’t be a regular thing, but I just have to wish everyone a happy “Leave Your Cat at Home Day.” Founded in response to “Bring your Kid to Work Day” and “Bring your Dog to Work Day,” (“Kids and D*gs have their own day – they go
to work! Now cats have their own day – are they going to go to work?
Of course not!” ), this holiday celebrates the spirit of cats, and asks us to “admire the way cats have arranged the world”:

“Everyone has to go to work – grown-ups, kids and those other unspeakable creatures who sit on command and beg for treats – while cats get to relax in luxury at home. Celebrate this special day with your cats by lavishing them with gifts and lots of extra pampering. Be sure to honor your cats with the Chant of the Day©. Visit the rest of this website for celebration ideas and make up some of your own.”

OK, back to work now. Me, that is.

UPDATE: Cute photo of Mr. Precious Perfect below the fold.