Amazing but true. Social scientists presenting at the International Studies Association’s “Theory v. Policy” Conference this winter will be able to use Powerpoint projectors without shelling out for and packing their own. And not only will you be able to use a projector free of charge (unheard of as late as last year) but ISA will provide projectors and laptops in every room to actually make this easy! (In an exciting twist on this story, overhead projectors are no longer being encouraged; now you have to ask for one of those.)

Welcome to the new century, my esteemed colleagues. I look forward to your many-varied, dynamic and visually exciting presentations.

Better yet, this unprecedented move would seem to mark a decisive shift at the ISA toward more technological savvy in general. Who knows? Maybe this means they’ll manage to get wireless access throughout the conference as well.

Now if our “theories” will just follow ISA “policy” in catching up to the technological changes in the world around us…