Fresh (and Re-Freshed) Duck

18 September 2010, 2023 EDT

In addition to being blown away by the recent Duck facelift (ht to Dan), you may have also noticed a slight shuffling in the roster. Congratulations to Stephanie Carvin, Laura Sjoberg, Vikash Yadav, all of whom are now officially (to quote Stephanie) “perma-ducks.”

Some of our other guest bloggers have stepped aside for now. We are grateful to Tony Lang, Mlada Bukovansky, Drew Conway, Daniel McIntosh and Craig Hayden for their contributions to the Duck over the past year of transitions, and wish them the best. Many will continue to write at their other fabulous blogs, and we’ll continue to read and link.

While Patrice McMahon and Virginia Haufler will remain in the guest roster for another season, the departure of so many guest Ducks has left openings for fresh faces. We are happy to welcome three new guest bloggers to the Duck crew this academic year.

First, Clifford Bob of Duquesne University will join us for a stint with commentary on global civil society, US foreign policy, ethnic violence, and anything else he specializes in or cares to comment about. Cliff is the author of The Marketing of Rebellion and is now completing a new manuscript on conservative transnational movements. He is also known among IR scholars for his snazzy titles. We can’t wait to see what he cooks up here at the Duck.
Second, we’d like to welcome Chris Brown – that’s right, the Chris Brown (of LSE) – to the Duck ranks. Professor Brown specializes in US and British foreign policy, global social justice and the ethics of war; his most recent in a long line of books is Practical Judgment in International Political Theory and for those unaware, he appeared on the single most interesting panel last year at the International Studies Association Annual Conference.
Third, we are pleased to introduce Ben O’Loughlin of Royal Holloway University in the UK, who will periodically chip in his two pence on issues related to international political communication. O’Loughlin’s work has emphasized the relationship between the media, war and new security challenges, and he blogs at the New Political Communications Unit. We look forward to his discussions of anything and everything.

And finally, we are all extremely excited to see Nexon back from the dead… er… DoD… er… something like that. Welcome, Dan. We knew you’d be back.
Please join us in welcoming this year’s crew.