Belated Friday Nerd Blogging

1 September 2012, 1539 EDT

Charli was moving, and I was occupied with #APSA2012Hunger Games, so no Friday Nerd Blogging yesterday.  Well, to make up for it, how about some Saturday Poli Sci Silliness:

Ok, that is too easy.

How about this instead:

Ok, way too easy.

How about this story about the Quebec Maple Heist?  I have already raised the Breaking Bad possibilities, but is this really about the stickiest case of collusion?  After all, is there a great need for keeping a “Strategic Maple Reserve”?  Why is this necessary?  In case aliens come with a giant pancake weapon that can only be defeated through mass eating?

Mais non, I think the IPE scholars need to investigate as it seems to me that the very existence of this reserve suggests a cabal of the Maple producers trying to max the prices via restricting supply.  Could the Federation of Quebec Maple Producers be the new OPEC for an increasingly obese North America?  Could this be the secret weapon for Quebec separatism?  That if Canada and the world do not support a secessionist Quebec, they will hold our breakfasts hostage?  Indeed, do keep in mind that they call a favorite breakfast dish: French toast! In that case, I think we may have to relent.  That is, unless this heist is the work of those seeking to preserve the Canadian Federation?  The stolen maple could cover the divides between Quebec and the rest of Canada, making it harder to break the union.

And, yes, we at the Duck promise to do better next Friday.