Episode 4 – Jelena Subotic

7 10 2019

Jelena Subotic of Georgia State University is an accomplished scholar of International Relations who focuses on the politics of memory and identity, transitional justice, international ethics, and ontological security studies. She spoke with Brent about a number of topics during their conversation. Jelena discusses growing up in Yugoslavia and how identity became an issue ‘overnight’ in the late 1980s, going to LSE for undergraduate studies while Yugoslavia was breaking up, being a DJ at a Belgrade radio station in the 1990s, the feeling of bombs during the NATO war on Serbia in 1999, moving to the US and graduate school at Syracuse and then Wisconsin-Madison, the tough transition to a tenure-track position at GSU, and the feeling of ‘I’m going to be alright’ after her first book was accepted with Cornell University Press. She also discusses how she approaches writing, how she was introduced to tennis, her adventures on twitter, and much more!