According to its charter, “the aim of the [Theory Section] is to encourage and promote theoretical debates in the study of international politics. As such, it provides a platform for scholars to interrogate the meaning and purpose of theory in the field of International Relations (IR), to engage the task of theory building, to explore the relationship between theory and history, and the impact of theories on policymaking.

“To accomplish these purposes, [Theory Section] shall:

  1. facilitate networking among IR scholars of different regional or topical expertise and across the theoretical spectrum;
  2. encourage research and debates on theory, including by enhancing dialogue and collaboration between IR scholars and scholars of Political Theory;
  3.  disseminate information on theoretical research by sponsoring or organising workshops, symposia, and professional and other appropriate meetings;
  4. seek ways to further the teaching of theory in the field of International Relations.”

The founding officers of the section were: 

  • Felix Berenskoetter (Chair)
  • Janice Bially-Mattern (Vice-Chair)
  • Andrew Neal (Treasurer)
  • Rosemary Shinko (Secretary)