The official DUCK OF MINERVA podcast, hosted by Dr. Jarrod Hayes.

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Episode 7: Duckcalls Events Series 1, Solarwinds discussion with Nina Kollars and Mark Raymond

A discussion with Nina Kollars and Mark Raymond about the SolarWinds hack, recorded in March, 2021

Episode 6: Philip Cunliffe

Philip Cunliffe, Senior Lecturer at the University of Kent, on his book, The New Twenty Year’s Crisis.

Duck Podcast G&T series episode 1: Power, realism, and the politics of IR Academia

Anne Harrington and Jacqueline (Jill) Hazelton take center stage in the inaugural G&T episode.

Hayseed Scholar

Brent Steele interviews international-relations adjacent scholars in this affiliated podcast.

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Toni Haastrup

n this episode, Dr. Toni Haastrup of the...

Francois Debrix

Professor Francois Debrix of Virginia Tech University joins the...

Episode 19 – Tim Longman

Professor Timothy Longman of Boston University joins the Hayseed Scholar podcast. He speaks about his decision, eventually, to focus on Rwanda as the basis for his dissertation.

Whiskey & IR Theory

PTJ & Dan Nexon host this affiliated podcast, which is “exactly what it sounds like.”

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Episode 18: Name Your Discord Server “and Collaboration”

Arnold Wolfers is one of the most important figures of “mainstream” mid-20th century internationa…

Episode 17: The Institutionalists Strike Back

PTJ and Dan assess one of the biggest battles of the Paradigm Wars.

Episode 16: Promises, Promises

Patrick and Dan continue their nostalgic tour of 1990s international-relations theory and spend s…

Minerva Cast

The 2012-2013 edition of the Duck of Minerva podcast. Mostly interviews.

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Podcast No. 20 – Interview with Phil Schrodt

The twentieth Duck of Minerva podcast features Phil Schrodt of Pennsylvania State...

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The Interviews for Teaching World Politics Project

In less than a month, I'll be teaching "Introduction to...

Podcasting Killed the Lecturing Star

The first video ever played on MTV, back when MTV played music...

New Podcast @ New Books in Science Fiction and Fantasy

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