The Duck of Minerva

Newer Isn’t Necessarily Better

28 May 2005

“Store Wars”, the pro-organic food Star Wars parody, gets 1,268 hits on Technorati. The infinitely superior, but much older, “Troops” receives only 43.1

I remember when my wife brought home “Troops” on zip disk from her job at an internet startup. We were living in New York, in a tiny apartment, and I weighed a lot less than I do now. Anyway, we still have the disk lying around somewhere, although internet technology and the lack of a zip drive make it irrelevant.

So, all of you youngsters who thought “Store Wars” was thumbs-up funny, watch “Troops” now! Oh, yeah: Plan 9 from George Lucas is also pretty good.

Star Wars, IR, and baseball. That’s the newborn “Duck” for you.

1Admittedly, devising a discrete search for “Troops” is harder than for “Store Wars.” The number cited here is for “Star Wars”+troops+parody.