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December 4, 2006

I have mixed feelings about the Amazon “affiliate program,” mostly because I have mixed feelings about Amazon. Nevertheless, I’ve just changed the Duck of Minerva Bookstore to an Amazon aStore.

I’m actually more interested in using their aStore feature as a way of easily creating lists of recommended books on specific topics.

I hope that I, and my co-bloggers, will be able to construct some lists for specific topics in international-relations theory, baseball, science fiction, and other areas using this feature.

But if you do intend to purchase one of our books in the near future, this is a good way to steer some of the money you spend in my direction. The last certificate I earned helped offset some very important toy purchases for my daughter.

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Daniel H. Nexon is a Professor at Georgetown University, with a joint appointment in the Department of Government and the School of Foreign Service. His academic work focuses on international-relations theory, power politics, empires and hegemony, and international order. He has also written on the relationship between popular culture and world politics.