First up, expanding the blog collective.

A big welcome to our new contributor, Maia Gemmill. Maia is a recent SAIS graduate in Russia-Eurasia studies with a concentration in Economics. We also co-authored “Children’s Crusade: The Religious Politics of Harry Potter” in Harry Potter and International Relations.

She’s already, as you can tell, breathing new life into the Duck.

Second, our blog rating is in:

Online Dating

Apparently we use the phrase “bomb” a lot on our front page. Go figure.

Just remember that this particular MPAA-rating spoof is a clever (or not) advertisement for a dating service.

(via Rebecca Tushnet.)

Third, modifying the navigation pane. I’ve implemented, in effect, super-charged peekaboo functionality to the “Labels” section. I expect to make more mods in the future. A big thanks to Chuck at Cumulus Blogs for instructions.