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And some people wonder why I don’t assign anything by Thomas Friedman

August 24, 2007

Duncan Black posts what should be the final nail, but won’t be, in Friedman’s credibility:

I hold out some vague hope that this is out of context.

But if it isn’t: there you have it, Friedman’s underlying rational for the war was an incoherent revenge fantasy based on the “paper tiger” theory of coercive diplomacy. Afghanistan wasn’t enough to prick “their bubble,” so we had to find another example. Could have been Saudi Arabia, could have been Pakistan… doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that we toppled a second Islamic country.

I think Thomas Friedman needs to take a remedial “Introduction to International Relations” course before he’s allowed anywhere near his word processor. What’s even more disturbing is that he continues to win awards for “I’m with stupid” theories of international politics.

Anyway, what follows is an attempt to communicate, in letters alone, my experience as I dissolve into a quivering mass of annoyance while I beat what’s left of my gelatinous head against the floorboards….

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