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Steve Poe

August 20, 2007

I am shocked and very sad to learn that Steve Poe, an international-relations specialist at the University of North Texas and the editor of International Studies Quarterly, has died. The following email just went out over the International Studies Association mailing list:

Dear Colleagues,

It is my extremely sad duty to inform you that Steve Poe, our editor in chief of ISQ, a friend, and a major contributor to our profession, passed away last week.

Visitation is being held today in Denton Texas and he will be buried tomorrow. His family asked that instead of sending flowers people could make a donation to either the U of North Texas Peace Studies Program, or the William Penn Peace Studies Program.

Steve nurtured ISQ as if it was his own. And when we asked him for myriad “favors” to assist with other journals and publication issues he did it with great grace and professionalism. He was fun to chat with, and great pleasure to have as a colleague, and he died ever so young. I will miss him very much as I’m sure you will as well.

Thank you.

Tom Volgy

I only met Steve once or twice, but I had extensive communication with him in his capacity as editor of ISQ, and I want to echo Tom Volgy’s comments. Steve had done a wonderful job with the journal. Moreover, he comported himself with the kind of professionalism, honesty, and thoughtfulness that should stand as a model for all journal editors. I’ve heard about the way in which he touched many students’ lives. His fellow scholars would do well to leave such a legacy.

Let me encourage all our academic readers to make a donation to either of the aforementioned programs.

A full obituary can be found in the Denton Record-Chronicle (scroll down). And a eulogy, of sorts, at UNT’s In House, which also includes the addresses for donations.

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