The Duck of Minerva

The stupidity, it burns

22 May 2008

Via Matthew Yglesias and a quick google search I learn that the right-wing blogsphere is all in a tizzy over the fact that the Decemberists played at Obama’s Portland speech. This apparently matters because:

1. The left-wing mainstream media isn’t reporting that some percentage of people clearly attended to hear the Decemberists rather than Obama. Ergo, Obama’s not really all that popular. Or something.

2. The Decemberists often play the Soviet National Anthem before their concerts. Given that they named themselves after the participants in an 1825 anti-absolutism rebellion in Russia and that (I kid you not) The Crane Wife contains a duet involving a dead confederate soldier and his pregnant lover/wife, this proves they’re some sort of anti-Americans.

There’s no doubt that the Decemberists are very left-wing. But if this is the kind of stuff that Obama’s going to face rom the right-wing blogsphere during Presidential campaign, I suspect he can rest easy.