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Cognitive dissonance

July 11, 2008

Depending on how one looks at it, the fact that some Democratic Hilary Clinton supporters are willing to betray everything she stands for in order to “punish” the party for nominating Barack Obama is either perplexing, amusing, or just plain sad.

Not that there aren’t plenty of reasons why someone would support McCain over Clinton and Obama. But the rank ordering of Clinton > McCain > Obama–for anyone with actual policy concerns–is simply bizarre. Which may be why the commentary at such websites is so vicious and vile that it makes a online Halo 3 game full of 12-year olds look like the height of civilized discourse.

But sometimes the dissonance is right there in front of one’s eyes… like on the front page of the supposedly pro-Hillary “Hillbuz.” Take a look at the screen capture after the jump:

For added fun, check out Obama supporters explaining that Clinton voted “the right way” on the FISA bill for nefarious purposes.

What’s the easiest way to defeat Democrats? Sit back and let them eviscerate one another.

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Daniel H. Nexon is a Professor at Georgetown University, with a joint appointment in the Department of Government and the School of Foreign Service. His academic work focuses on international-relations theory, power politics, empires and hegemony, and international order. He has also written on the relationship between popular culture and world politics.