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August 17, 2008

I thought that it would be a good idea to provide a consolidated list of:

1. Older Duck posts on the conflict with significant “original” analytic content
2. Recent non-Georgia posts that might have gotten lost in all the updating.

So here it is:

Cold War III? The state of Russian-US relations (Email)
Speaking of Genocide (Charli)
Human Rights Watch Takes Aim at Russia and Pot-Shots at the U.S. Over Cluster Munitions (Charli)
International Justice: Miscarriages and Misconstruals (Chrarli)
Russia-Georgia conflict: what the current evidence suggests (Dan)
Georgia: Thoughts on what it might mean (Peter)
Lines in the sand (Dan)
A plea for sanity and perspective (Dan)
Casuality Counting (Charli)
Goliath smacks David: slingshot missing (Dan) [rather dated]

And some good non-Georgia posts that may have gotten lost in the mix:
Meanwhile, Outside of the Caucasus (Charli)
Global Strike Task Force (Rodger) [Our biggest source of non-Georgia traffic of late]
Olympic Observavations (Peter)
Dark Knights

There’s more stuff, obviously, but I’m going to cut off the list to when the deluge of Georgia-related blogging started.

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