My side of the blogsphere seems to think the video of a McCain supporter mouthing off about socialists and hoodlums is an indictment of McCain himself.

When I watch the video, I see McCain affirming the man’s anger but trying hard not to endorse his views. McCain, in fact, says he will work with “anyone” to solve the current crisis.

Although I find the accusation that the contemporary Democratic party and its Presidential nominee are “socialists” bizarre, particularly in light of recent events, this is pretty weak tea when it comes to the rants of everyday partisans.

So why is it getting so much attention? Because it comes on a day of (1) reports of genuinely scary stuff at McCain-Palin rallies and (2) the decision of the Republicans to slime Obama. But this video just isn’t evidence of a McCain descent into demagoguery, nor of anything worthy of indignation.