The Duck of Minerva

Branching Out

3 August 2009

Faithful Duck readers:

So, I’ve launched a new blog. While I will still be writing on global politics here at The Duck of Minerva from time to time, I wanted another place to comment and brainstorm on business issues, technology, innovation, and other related topics. (Sometimes the 140 characters of Twitter just doesn’t cut it).

As I’ve moved outside of academia my interests have shifted–or more accurately, broadened–to include topics such as business, innovation, technology, and social media. The Duck is really a vehicle for commenting on global politics from an analytical and academic perspective. As such, it really isn’t the venue to talk about new technologies, abstract thoughts on innovation and creativity, or to offer musings on business and the economy on a regular basis.

Please do stop by and add it to your RSS reader of choice.

Hope to see you there.