Margaret Moth died over the weekend after a long battle with cancer. Margaret was an incredibly talented photo-journalist who covered numerous conflicts. It was her video work, shot during the first months of the Bosnian war for CNN, that defined the war and set the standard for the way journalists — especially camera crews — filmed and reported the conflict. In July, 1992 she was hit and seriously wounded by a sniper’s bullet on sniper alley in Sarajevo. Despite her serious injuries and the long and painful recovery that followed, she returned to work to cover the Bosnian War and other conflicts.

I was always struck by how matter-of-fact she was — as she pointed out, she after all had stepped into the middle of the fight in Bosnia. But, she also believed strongly in the power of her work and the importance of giving the world a visual element to understanding war. She was an impressive person on so many levels. She will be missed.

She was featured in “Fearless: The Margaret Moth Story,” this CNN documentary made last summer: