The Duck of Minerva

Making the World Better through Online Gaming?

16 April 2010

The World Bank Institute last month launched an online game, Evoke. It lasts for ten weeks, with Missions each week that include such global issues as solving water scarcity or thinking about the future of money. I haven’t signed up or played yet, but it raises interesting questions about social innovation. Is global crowd-sourcing likely to lead to new solutions to existing problems? How likely is it that innovations would be implemented? Interestingly, the alternatives presented in the game often depend on innovating around existing institutions, i.e. create new currencies that work even if the central bank fails. In other words, the solutions lie outside of government.

The game itself is promoted as an aid to learning about global issues. I wonder whether it might be usefully integrated into a course… See the game designer talking about gaming and learning on CNN.

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