Hello, readers of the Duck!

Dan Nexon has very kindly invited me to do some guest blogging at this site.

Introducing myself in brief: I’m an Australian academic with an over-fondness for cigars. Working at King’s College London at the Defence Academy, as a Senior Lecturer in Defence Studies. In September I’ll be moving to Reading to take up a Readership in Strategic Studies.

My main interest these days is in the history and theory of US grand strategy, with an historian’s background but also in a dalliance with IR. I guess I quite like Strategic Studies as a kind of inter-disciplinary twilight world, with all its strengths and weaknesses.

For those still reading, I’ve got another blog called the Offshore Balancer:

After experimenting with blogging, its the academically focused ones with a soulful character and a sense of humour that I like the most, like this one.

Anyway, looking forward to writing here and hopefully living up to the high standards of the Duck.