The Duck of Minerva

A Small Farewell

25 January 2014

It is cold in the scriptorium, my thumb aches.

Actually, it isn’t. I’ve just always wanted to use that line from the end of Name of the Rose. In fact its about room temperature in the American Institute Library and my thumb is thriving.

Anyway, I don’t blog much any more because of work and other things, and its even a job pushing out opinion on the barbaric form of Twitter. So I’d like to say farewell to the Duck. Its been a real privilege. Many thanks to Dan Nexon for the invitation to come on board a few years ago. The Duck is a great site and its allowed yours truly to talk about IR, American strategy and political thought generally with lively minds from across the pond. All the Ducks should be proud.

See some of you in Toronto for ISA, I hope. And just remember, anarchy is what it makes of you. I think I’ve got that right.