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May 13, 2011

Blogger has finally started to restore posts, but it doesn’t look like everything is back yet. Meanwhile, my partner’s off to Kazakhstan, I’ve got 38 seminar papers and 16 short essays to grade, and my daughter’s become obsessed with Naruto. So, in lieu of posting anything substantive:

  • Rob Farley has some thoughts on the air campaign in Libya;
  • PM’s thoughts on qualitative and quantitative methods deserves more commentary from our academic readers;
  • Al Jazeera chronicles how Saudia Arabia’s new protectorate, the Bahrain’s government, is using its Arab Spring crackdown to systematically destroy rival centers of power;
  • Phil Arena’s three posts on “Rational Choice Apologetics” lay out an important defense of his favored approach–if PTJ someone here doesn’t take the bait, I figure I’ll at least have to write something on the “Tyranny of Soft Rationalism in IR Theory”; 
  • Five months in and I’m still really liking the Decemberist’s The King is Dead;
  • My aforementioned partner just finished John Courtenay Grimwood’s Pashazade, and endorses it as much as I do — and because it’s something like six years old, you don’t have to wait for Grimwood to finish the trilogy; and
  • Grading Interstellar Relations final papers reminds me how Iain M. Banks returned to form with Surface Detail.
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