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September 1, 2011

OK, OK, OK, I know life is short and some of us need to get a life (I’m not in Seattle by the way), but this is a really cool app from Uppsala:

From the iTunes description: “Data on 300 armed conflicts, more than 200 summaries of peace agreements, data on casualties etc, without having access to the Internet.”

I actually do think this is really cool and I can see real benefits to having this type of data at one’s fingertips, but I do wonder how these dramatic changes in the ease of access to select types of data and data summaries (even from reputable places like Uppsala) will alter research strategies, research teaching methods, the research capabilities of future scholars, and ultimately research output.

With Kate’s excellent post directly below, I wonder is this a good thing or not so good? Thoughts?

Oh, one other thing, any interest in an app for Duck?

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