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Interstellar Relations: A New Old Course At Georgetown


April 17, 2012

 This is a shameless bleg to two different audiences.

The first, and immediately more important, is undergraduate students who might like to take a serious course about international relations, political science, and science fiction this summer. During the first summer term, I’m picking up Dan’s section of Government 310: Interstellar Relations.

The second, and closely related, audience is the readers of this blog, to whom I turn to help improve my syllabus. I wanted to do something a little different than Dan or PTJ’s version. Summers here are shorter than the semester, and I wanted the students to be exposed to some of the longer-term conversations between the discipline and the literature.

The books are fixed–the bookstore had to place an order in February–but the films and short stories are not. As you’ll note, there’s some points where I’ve left reminders to myself to come up with good readings; in other places, particularly biopower, I’m stumped as to what I’d assign. Govt 310 Sribd

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