The Duck of Minerva

Friday Nerd Blogging By Proxy

13 July 2012

 Charli has volunteered me to sub for Friday Nerd Blogging duty for her for the next three weeks.  It turns out that sending her links to fun stuff is a bad idea.  That will teach me.

The most important pop cultural event of the next week is clearly the return of Breaking Bad.  Too bad it does not have any dragons, super-heroes, or other Comic-con bait.  So, BB cannot count for Friday Nerd Blogging.  The good news is that there may be a spin-off of the series as its end is near.

Of course, the other big event of the week is Comic-con.  So, here is part 1 of a series that represents the best IR tradition–nasty, brutish, and short.

Ok, and one last Comic-Con Nerd-Spectacular.  In advance of the convention, some folks held a run down from LA to San Diego where people took turns carrying light-sabers to raise money for charity.  Here’s is the start:

The lesson?  Always, beware of the freakin’ Ewoks and temperamental blogger.