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July 21, 2012

  • Lots of people are talking (e.g.) about the McKibben climate-change article in Rolling Stone
  • China Defense Blog points to reports that the PRC will deploy a military garrison in the South China Sea.
  • Kieran Healy compares rates of violence in the United States to those found in the rest of the OECD countries.
  • Jamestown’s China Daily Brief carries a report on Uzbekistan, China, and balance-of-power politics in Central Asia. 
  • Jason Fritz provides perspective on AVF-vs-draft arguments. 
  • Blood and Treasure mocks the USIP post-Assad Syria plan and also points out that: “One thing about China and Russia’s blocking of UN action on Syria which hasn’t been considered is the fact that it gives the Saudis and the GCC states a free-er hand in shaping a post-Assad Syria through direct military support to their favoured rebels without wider international oversight.”
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