Morning Linkage

23 July 2012, 1410 EDT

  • MANOS: The Hands of Fate is supposedly getting an iOS game. But fans of MST3K are probably much more excited about the Rifftrax live MANOS event on August 16.
  • Dan Drezner takes on the ridiculous Jennifer Rubin piece on how Romney should attack Obama foreign policy. Drezner has regular commentators who are better conservative foreign-policy critics than the people dominating MSM op-ed space.
  • Andrew Yeo responds to Jennifer Lind’s analysis of the ROK-Japan treaty debacle. I think Andrew’s probably right, and that Jennifer likely got excited by the alternative line given to her by some of her sources. 
  • Robert Beckhusen at Danger Room says that US BMD may force Chinese missile modernization. Of course, they already have plenty of incentives for modernizing their nuclear-delivery capabilities, let alone their conventional missiles. And the US doesn’t want its system to give it first-strike capability against great-power arsenals. So, Meh.
  • Robert W. Glover writes about the implications of complex-systems analysis for international-relations theory. It seems to me that Duck writers and bloggers would have interesting perspectives to contribute.
  • Dani Rodrik weighs in on the “great Baltic economic policy debate,” at least with respect to Latvia.
  • Juan Cole asks if Bachmann could cost the Romney the Presidency. The answer is “no.” 
  • Yes, you should probably just subscribe to Tim Burke’s feed, but… this time he takes the rah-rah out of contemporary higher-ed techno-optimism and makes it cry for mercy: “Do you really WANT TO SAVE SOME MONEY using INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY?”
  • Hans-Inge Langø likes defense-spending cuts in the context of comprehensive assessment. Sequestration? Not so much
  • I miss the blogging stylings of Coming Anarchy. What happened to the blog?
  • J. Scott Shipman reviewed The Twilight War at zenpundit ten days ago, but what the heck.
  • Also older, but worth linking to, the Clinton bylined piece at the New Statesmen on US “smart power” efforts.
  • Edward Wong at the New York Times on growing pressure within China to end the “one child” policy.
  • It isn’t just acidification that’s altering marine ecosystems; heat waves pose another threat
  • In case you missed it, I explained the experiment in podcasting and how to subscribe.
  • If you have suggestions for blogs to add to my revived RSS feed, let me know.