Morning Linkage

24 July 2012, 1354 EDT

Globalization of Law:

Economic Armageddon, Round II:


  • Chris Lehmann at Practical Theory: “there are a lot of powerful folks right now who are advocating for a pedagogy that they do not want for their own children. Some of these powerful people are running networks of schools that have a pedagogical approach that is directly counter to the educational approach they pay for for their own children. Moreover, these same powerful people tend to get upset when asked about the disconnect, saying that that question is off limits.”
  • On a similar note, Daniel Luzer argues that online education shouldn’t be thought of as a straight substitute for the in-class experience.

Nerd Stuff:
Middle East:
  • Everyone’s talking, including Obama, about Syrian chemical-weapons threats. Also lack of CIA assets in Syria — but remember, stories like these are ways of publicly airing fights within the national-security bureaucracy.




  • David Schuler reminds us what the trends on Chinese carbon emission look like, and argues that the US and Europe basically outsourced pollution to the PRC.
Rugged Individualism:
  • Jon Scalzi’s post on being a “self-made man” is making the rounds, and for good reason. 

Sally Ride: