• Jonathan Rue discusses the continuing wave of “green-on-blue” attacks in Afghanistan.
  • Sertaç Sehlikoglu-Karakas on the Olympics, “sporting bodies,” and Islam. 
  • Dan Trombly argues that the Colombian counter-insurgency effort contradicts COIN conventional wisdom. 
  • Jamestown China Brief: “Taiwan Rebalances in the Near Seas.”
  • Jay doesn’t think much of the role of “legitimacy” in causal explanations: “In statistical terms, legitimacy is the label we attach to the residual, the portion of the variance our mental models cannot explain. It is a tautology masquerading as a causal force.” Sounds like good fodder for some Duck to tackle, no?
  • Ocasional guest poster Erica Chenoweth flogs her American Sociological Review article (PDF) on how Israeli concessions are more effective at reducing Palestinian terrorist attacks. This would be a good time to congratulate Erica and her co-author, Maria Stephan, for winning the Woodrow Wilson Award — perhaps the most prestigious book award in political science. 
  • More Lovecraft love.