The fourth episode of the Duck of Minerva Podcast just went live. This one is about an hour. Patrick Thaddeus Jackson and I talk about the “End of IR Theory” question. But not before, according to my wife, we engage in a low-rent click-and-clack routine — in which we attempt to falsify the hypothesis that we share a brain.


  • Against the “Shared Brain” Hypotheses
  • PTJ and DHN Fail to Discuss SF
  • No to Yes.
  • The End of IR Theory?
  • IR Theory: The Original Series
  • Different Flavors of “Theory”
  • International Theory as Scientific Ontology
  • How’s IR Theory Doing, Then?
  • IR Theory Lurks Online?
  • Read More, Write Less!
  • New-ish Media Redux
  • End Matter.

Note: the publication date of the podcasts remains in flux, but I am aiming to have them appear Friday-Sunday each week.

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