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August 25, 2012

  • The emergence of Ahn Cheol Soo as a contender in the upcoming South Korean election (via B&T).
  • Chris Clary on Pakistan’s nuclear program
  • Zenpundit reflects on the precarious position of the National Defense University
  • A knowledgable and connected friend sends me a link to Foreign Policy‘s “silly” list of Top 50 Republican international-affairs experts. Friend’s comment: “there are only 2-3 non-crazy people on this list.”
  • This Charlie Cook piece is symptomatic of everything that’s wrong with conventional horse-race analysis. But tweeting John Sides gets results, so The Monkey Cage is on the case
  • Jason Brennan argues that Paul Ryan is not an Objectivist but, in libertarian terms, a statist conservative. Sure. But the really interesting issue thing is how Rand became a key touchstone for a wide variety of people whose only commitment to “liberty” involves defending the interests of large corporations.
  • Yiddish curses for Jewish Republicans. My favorite:
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