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Tuesday Morning Linkage

August 14, 2012

  • Irena L. Sargsyan warns of renewed conflict between Kurdish-Arab conflict.
  • Matthew Kocher writes a post centered around Jeffrey A. Friedman’s working paper on “breakthrough problems” (PDF).
  • Daniel Little ruminates on “mobilizing the masses” and the Chinese Revolution.
  • Paul Dibbs argues against a grand accommodation with China (via Andrew Phillips).
  • Robin Banerji & Patrick Jackson (of the BBC) write about China’s “Ghost Towns and Phantom Malls.”
  • Dean Dad says “don’t get a PhD in the humanities!”
  • Andrew Liptak on Hugo Gernsback, the “father of science fiction.”
  • Cosmopolis’s message? Contemporary fiction is bust (via Paul McAuley).
  • In the “better late than never linkage” department: Spencer Ackerman profiles the analyst whose report on right-wing extremism led to a storm of protest…. protest that looks even dumber now than it did at the time. 
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