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Wednesday Morning Linkage

August 15, 2012

  • North Korea: future REM exporter?
  • Washington accuses Iran of training Syrian militia. It seems to me that the “meddling in Syrian affairs” ship has long sailed. 
  • Hayes Brown repots on”Somalia’s Struggle for Normalcy.” 
  • Thomas Oatley argues that breaking up the Eurozone won’t solve anything. 
  • BLTN: Paul Staniland on “Victory in Afghanistan.”
  • What causes democracy? James Vreeland and his collaborators dispute numerous variants of conventional wisdom. 
  • Phil Arena holds a grudge… but it’s rational.
  • Joshua Hersh’s piece on Paul Ryan and foreign policy was getting lots of play on Twitter yesterday. 
  • Evidence for an anti-Muslim crime wave in the US.
  • Parallels between being “scooped” in fiction writing and academia.
  • Part II of the Dark Knight Schmittapolooza.
  • I finished interviews with Ted Hopf and David Coe yesterday. The former will podcast this weekend, the latter likely in September as part of the NBN SF/F channel. 
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