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August 29, 2012

  • Josh Rogin examines how the Romney campaign has “doubled down” on treating Russia as a geopolitical foe. Some ideological habits are hard to break. In this case, the US-Moscow relationship is fraught enough to render the position wrongheaded but not completely insane. 
  • Jay on long-term democratization pressures in Russia. 
  • Noah Smith evaluates the nature of China’s economic “landing.” 
  • Jeff Colgan thinks highly of the SEC ruling that multinational petroleum firms will have to disclose their payments to foreign governments. 
  • Mark Leon Goldberg annotates the GOP platform’s section on the United Nations.
  • Will Romney’s Asia-Pacific policy exacerbate regional tensions
  • Tim Burke is teaching a class called “Bad Research and Informational Heresies.”
  • If Sony made the iPhone.
  • Will some kind of #virtualapsa2012 happen? There are indicators that a proof of concept is coming. If you had a panel and are interested, contact me. 
  • Tensions over Svalbard increase. The Duck used to provide comprehensive coverage of geopolitical threats in and around Svalbard. It may be time to restart that occasional series. 

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