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September 10, 2012

These are not ducks.
Photo: Dan Nexon
  • Kelly defeats Khanna. It isn’t even close.
  • Michael S. Chase writes about “China’s Search for a ‘New Type of Great Power Relationship’” at Jamestown’s China Brief.
  • Rob Farley and Michael Cohen hold a “Foreign Entanglements” on the RNC, DNC, and foreign policy in Campaign 2012. I haven’t watched it yet, but given the two participants I bet that it is pretty good. 
  • Dan Drezner deviates from his standard take on foreign policy and the 2012 campaign: this time foreign policy might matter. Maybe, but not buying it yet. 
  • Michael Krepon provides details on the history of Indo-Pak confidence-building measures.
  • Marc Lynch ruminates on Arab monarchies. 
  • P O’Neil on the ECB plan. Bottom line: “One implication is that Ireland and Portugal can’t look forward with too much certainty to full programme exit even if they perform exactly as envisaged under their programmes. Another is that the Eurozone could be running a fairly large after-care facility long after the peak of the crisis has passed.”
  • Noah Tucker’s two-part series on Osh two-years after the mass violence (part 1 and part 2).
  • Working papers that summarize large “opinion leader” conferences pretty much always descend into blandness. This one, on “Rising Powers and the New Emerging Order (PDF),” is no exception (via RPI).
  • Some might question the wisdom of asking students to write an essay defending or attacking the raison d’étre for the class that they are taking. But some of the best exam essays I ever read were written on the question, “Should ‘Introduction to Contemporary Civilization in the West’ be Abolished?” After all, when you spend a semester reading folks like Burke, Hegel, and Nietzsche…. you have a lot to work with.
  • Note that our Facebook page is up and running. This is a bit of a capitulation: many of our “comment threads” now take place on Facebook anyway. It is also a bit of a synergy: I’d just gotten “manager” privileges at the New Books in Science Fiction and Fantasy Facebook page, and thought “hmmm, maybe the Duck deserves a page.” 
  • Cooperative gaming reduces agression?  
  • SFX’s two-part Iain Banks interview (part 1 and part 2). Paging PTJ?
  • I think the formula “adjective+punk” needs to be retired. Now. Is the material good or bad? I don’t care. Enough already.  

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