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September 7, 2012

  • The Romney foreign-policy memorandum is, for lack of a better term, a bad joke. One example: It twice suggests that the Obama Administration has backed away from European missile defense, in part by using weasel language on the third-site system (“Abandoning A European Missile Defense System”).  
  • The memorandum’s claims about Iran are inadvertently answered in this short Stephen Metz piece on the vacuousness of current “attack Iran” arguments. 
  • Terry Wing explores whether or not the South China Sea dispute will escalate to “war.”
  • Taylor Fravel on the “perils of predicting Chinese politics.”‘
  • Also on prediction, Mike Horowitz and Philip Tetlock have suggestions for the intel community and policymakers. 
  • A seminar paper at e-ir looks at the utility of the governmentality framework
  • Henry Farrell takes suggestions for Crooked Timber’s upcoming Ken MacLeod seminar. Also plugs the NBinSFF podcast. 

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