Podcast No. 16 – Interview with Robert Farley

19 12 2012

The sixteenth Duck of Minerva podcast features Robert Farley of the University of Kentucky and the oxford-comma challenged blog, Lawyers, Guns and Money. Professor Farleydiscusses his academic work and his role as a prominent scholar-blogger (or is that blogger-scholar?). For better or for worse, DHN talks a lot too.

I should reiterate important change to procedures. From now on, the Minervacast feed will host mp3 versions of the podcasts. The whiteoliphaunt feed will host m4a versions of the podcast. Unless I hear otherwise, we will continue this approach into the foreseeable future.

When not on hiatus, Duck of Minerva Podcasts generally come out at the end of each week. To subscribe via iTunes go to “Advanced” and then choose “Subscribe to Podcast” and paste the either feed URL. Individual episodes may be downloaded from the Podcasts tab.