Day: January 21, 2013

USC-CSIS Conference on Korean Unification (2): ‘One Country, Two Systems’ will not happen


Here is part one of this post. The following will make more sense if you start there. I noted that I am participating, today in Seoul (attend if you can), in a USC-CSIS project on Korean unification. This is the final ‘phase’ of their Korea Project on unification.

I thought I would post my thoughts on the previous USC-CSIS Korea report (available here) which provided all sorts of suggestions for reconstruction. It’s useful reading if your area is East Asia or Korea, but I actually disagree with a fair number of the analogies of NK to Iraq and Afghanistan. I think Germany is a better model for what will happen, and I think a ‘one country, two systems’ arrangement like in greater China is nearly impossible given the extraordinary deep ideological divide, which is also existentially necessary for NK to demonstrate why it must be a separate, poorer Korean state. So it’s either implosion or stalemate.

Anyway, the rest of my thoughts are after the jump. Having read the CSIS report is not a prerequisite to understanding my arguments, but it would help.

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Monday Morning Linkage – MLK Holiday Edition

In honor of the drum major for peace, here’s your (rather abbreviated) MLK Holiday edition of Monday morning linkage:

  • Some reactions to Zero Dark Thirty are, well … rather predictable… since Islamophobia has become the tolerated form of bigotry in the West and particularly in ‘Merica.
  • Novelist, Teju Cole, writes Seven [Really, Really] Short Stories about Drones on Twitter.  Zack Beauchamp doesn’t really get it.  Not boring and nuanced enough.  FFS it’s a series of tweets! …. By the way don’t tell him about Daisy Rockwell’s Little Book of Terror.
  • Hamid Dabashi asks “Can Non-Europeans Think?
  • At last, a new kinda hoodie for the age of drones. (h/t Ed Webb)

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