On this awful news week, I’m feeling like some Thursday Morning Linkage needs a little opening joy before launching into the useful reads of the week:

Here are some useful Africa-centric readings on this awful, awful news week:

  • Cullen Hendrix examines the links between food price rises, regime type, and subsidy policies in Africa80140100751810M
  • Jennifer Bussell researches why some African governments are more able to prepare for and respond to potential natural disasters
  • Jennifer Hazen’s new book What Rebels Want¬†drawing from substantial fieldwork in West Africa explains how rebel movements that lose their options for obtaining weapons and other resources may turn to negotiation
  • Caitriona Dowd examines the rise of Islamist rebel and milita movements across Africa
  • Idean Salehyan and Christopher Linebarger find that elections increase the risk of conflict during civil wars and under authoritarian systems

In other energy and environment news, we have:

  • the EPA delayed rules on new greenhouse gas emissions limits for new power plants, hoping that additional time will yield rules robust to legal challenge (backstory)
  • China’s need to address air quality challenges may undercut Western coal exporters’ markets
  • Is peak oil passe? Maybe not.
  • Tentative blessing for shale gas in the EU