Day: May 22, 2013

Wednesday Addams Linkage

It’s so disorienting to be posting on a Wednesday!

I’d like to begin with a bleg: I’m in the market for a platform that allows for easy screencasting. In other words, if you wanted to have 6 to 10 users simultaneously viewing a series of slides, but you thought that Google Hangout was just a little too laggy, what would you use? Comment below or email rpm47 atsign georgetown period edu.

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Mapping IR Theory

Thanks to the patience of the formerĀ EJIR editorial team, PTJ and I will have an article in the forthcoming special issue on the “End of IR Theory?” Only the first 35-40% resembles the working paper (PDF) we posted at theĀ Duck. Even the name has changed.

We still argue in favor of thinking about international-relations theory as dealing with “scientific ontologies”: “catalog[s]–or map[s]–of the basic substances and processes that constitute world politics.” As we note in both the final version and the working paper, this includes:

  • The actors that populate world politics, such as states, international organizations, individuals, and multinational corporations;
  • The contexts and environments within which those actors find themselves;
  • Their relative significance to understanding and explaining international outcomes;
  • How they fit together, such as parts of systems, autonomous entities, occupying locations in one or more social fields, nodes in a network, and so forth;
  • What processes constitute the primary locus of scholarly analysis, e.g., decisions, actions, behaviors, relations, and practices; and
  • The inter-relationship among elements of those processes, such as preferences, interests, identities, social ties, and so on.

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