Thursday Morning Linkage

6 June 2013, 0025 EDT

Ok, last week, I mentioned with anticipation how much I was looking forward to Game of Thrones. Little did I know it was the Red Wedding episode. I’ve looked for lighter fare stories this week and only sometimes does the world oblige. On the hopeful side of things, here is some good news:

  • A look back at the millions of lives saved through PEPFAR: 10 years later
  • A photographer captured all of the rare birds of paradise species in Papua New Guinea
  • The EU moves to curb overfishing with lower quotas: enforcement and removal of subsidies still key
  • A new cheap vinegar test can help cut cervical cancer deaths in India and the developing world
  • Finland’s generous baby box an incentive for pre-natal care and responsible for falling child mortality

Still, the world has its shares of troubles and bad news as ever:

  • Poachers murder turtle conservation activist in Costa Rica
  • Rich Vietnamese are ordering up endangered species at restaurants
  • A new book on Mexico’s hopefully waning drug war by Alfredo Corchado
  • The Turkish government violently cracked down on protesters who were unhappy that one of Istanbul’s remaining green spaces was slated for redevelopment

I’ll leave you with better tidings. The United States defeated Germany in a soccer friendly, and the all German Champions League finale was done Lego-style: