Wednesday Linkage

by PM

26 June 2013, 1543 EDT

TrumanYesterday was an exciting day in American politics, featuring legislative time-traveling, a Supreme Court turning back the clock on voting rights, and of course the invalidation of DOMA and the death-by-default of California’s Prop 8.

But I assume you have Facebook and that you already knew all that.

Here’s some items you might have missed:

And now some quick hits:

  • Do America’s governors matter for its foreign relations? The article says yes, but I hope to God the answer is no. State governments may matter for the flow of some FDI, but otherwise there’s no reason to suspect this is even of tertiary importance. [The Diplomat]
  • Dan Drezner talks about schools going global. There is a puzzle to be asked here–why do authoritarian states want liberal-arts schools?–and it’s part of a conversation about space and politics that I’d like to learn more about at next year’s ISA. But Drezner doesn’t address the other half of the explanation: that these services don’t just lose money for host governments, they lose gobs of money, and thus they’ll only last as long as someone’s picking up the bill. Singapore’s already cracked down on some schools; one only wonders how long before Qatar does too.